Tuesday, December 27, 2011

108.The most important variable while calculating the cost of debt is

Ans: Tax rate

109. Which one of the following will take place when a fair return is not realized as

Ans: Over capitalization

110. The ratio that indicates a firm's commitment to meet short-term liabilities is

Ans: Current ratio

111. Sales value variance is the difference between

Ans: Budgeted sales and Actual sales

112. When margin of safety is 20 percent and P/V ratio is 60 percent, the profit will be

Ans: 12 percent

113. The difference between fixed and variable cost has a special significance in the
preparation of

Ans: Flexible budget

114. The time normally taken in replenishing inventory after the order has been placed is

Ans: Lead time

115. Market risk is measured by

Ans: Beta co-efficient

116. The concept of representative firm was introduced by

Ans: Alfred Marshall

117. The deductive theory of industrial location was propounded by

Ans: Alfred Weber

118. sargent Florence has popularised one of the following factors:

Ans: Coefficient of localisation

119. Which one of the factors is not a significantly influencing factor for industrial

Ans: Financial facilities

120. The two working groups set up to study the problem of industrial backwardness are

Ans: B.D. Pandey and N.N. wanchoo Committee

121. Two factor theory of motivation was developed by

Ans: Frederick Herzberg

122. Inner circles and outcircle concepts were used which defining a Large Industiral
House by a committee known as

Ans: R.K. Hazari Committee

123. One of the following is not a multiplant unit. Pick it up.

Ans: Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Corporation Ltd.

124. The grid approach to organisation development was developed by

Ans: Blake and Mouton

125. Location of a plant is influenced by one of the following. Pick it up.

Ans: Infrastructural facilities

126. An informal alliance among individuals or groups that is designed to achieve some
common objective is called

Ans: Coalition

127. The goals that are established by top management and reflect their intentions of
what the organisation is to accomplish are called

Ans: Strategic goals

128. A plan that is used to operationalise another plan is known as

Ans: Action plan

129. One of the following is not a public sector multiplant unit. Pick it up.

ans: Singareni Collieries Ltd.

130. Job enrichment was developed by

Ans: Frederick Herzberg

131. ______ aproach deals with both the work system and the workers' individual

Ans: Job characteristics

132. A 'congregation' or body of persons assembled at a particular time and place for
economic purpose is known as a/an

Ans: Firm

133. One of the following is not associated with span of management. Who is he?

Ans: Merton Miller

134. A conglomerate is an organisation composed of a number of

Ans: Unrelated businesses

135. Hospitals and universities are examples of

Ans: Professional bureaucracies

136. The human relations approach to theory of motivation was developed by

Ans: Maslow

137. One of the following is known as the Economic Constitution of India. Pick it up.

Ans: Industrial Policy Resolution, 1956

138. Integrating a National Economy into a World Economy is known as

Ans: Globalization

139. When a group member attains benefit from the group without doing an appropriate
share of the work it is called

Ans: Free riding

140. Which one is not the principal upward communication channel?

Ans: Ombudsman

141. Personal role conflict occurs when

Ans: The requirements of the job are in conflict with the workers' values, attitudes, and

142. A leadership behaviour centered on the concern for subordinate feelings and respect
for their ideas is known as

Ans: employee-centered leader behaviour

143. What is the relation between effectiveness and effiy as far as planning is

Ans: Effectiveness follows efficiency

144. Chronological sequences of required actions are

Ans: Procedures

145. One of the following is not a commonly stated problem of the small scale sector:

ans: Income Tax

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