Monday, December 5, 2011

1.World Trade Organisation came into existence on

Ans :  1-1-1995

2. The form of departmentation often used in the sales function is

Ans: By Territory

3. which of the following statements reflects the relation between line and staff ?

Ans : Line is operational, staff is advisory

4. The tendency to disperse decision making authority in an organised structure is called

Ans:  Decentralisation

5. A firm producing that output at which the marginal cost curve intersects with the marginal revenue curve from down, is known as

Ans: Equilibrium firm

6.What is the main purpose of Internal ommunication ?

Ans: Information

7. IDPL unit prepares key formulations of drugs. Hundreds of drug firms are established which take key formulations from IDPL. The IDPL comes under

Ans: Genetic Industry

8. Integration and synchronisation of group efforts in the organisation to achieve organisational goals is called

Ans: Co-ordination

9. which one is the main purpose of Management Information System?

Ans: Assess and distribute information

10. Organisational technique of control cane be differentiated into

Ans: Feedback and feed forward

11. How are committees useful as a technique of co-ordination ?

Ans: All of these

12. One of the following was not an objective of Industrial Policy 1991

Ans: To attain self reliance through import substitution

13.  Vertical integration is resorted in case

Ans: Financial optima is smaller than managerial optima

14. The job of controlling is carried out by

Ans: All managerial staff

15. Curiosity, manipulation, power, security and status are examples of

Ans: Secondary motives

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